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Compassionate Therapy

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Turn your perfectionist and high-achieving tendencies into your superpowers

For Millennial + Gen Z Women

Dr. Sheena Sikorski, Licensed Psychologist Specializing in Evidence-Based Therapy

i know what it’s like

your emotions are in the driver’s seat.

to feel like you’re never enough

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Despite everything going on in your life, it constantly feels like you’re not working hard enough and there’s always more to do. You get compliments often, but somehow they just feel like they’re meant for someone else.

It’s exhausting and you find yourself

repeating the same behaviors over & overagain...A thin dark brown color line with no background
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Procrastinating because you’re afraid that if you start something, you’ll mess it up.


Maybe you over-prepare for everything instead of just doing it. Or maybe you always wait for the perfect day/week/month to align to start something…only to end up stressed out.

Not enjoying hobbies or new opportunities.


Whether it’s a promotion at work that you’ve been working overtime for or a new hobby, it’s hard for you to get excited about it because you hold yourself to such a high — some would say impossible — standard.

Getting anxious.


even though rationally you know that everything will work out.



such as often saying “yes” when you actually want to say “no” or feeling like you have to do extra work to make everyone happy.

When you Google it, you get oversimplified advice like “no one is perfect” and “just do your best.”

The thing is, you already know that…

…and understanding what kind of mindset you should have doesn’t actually help you get there.


The biggest problem with this kind of advice is that →

You can’t simply “get over” perfectionism, no matter how many affirmations you chant to your reflection in the mirror.

Because let’s be honest…it’s more complicated than that.


What you can do is learn how to manage your tendencies — and even start using them to your advantage.

What if I told you that, when kept in check, perfectionism is…kind of awesome?

Instead of trying to combat your traits, you can learn how to turn them into your biggest assets.

I’m committed to helping you find long-term solutions using research-driven strategies…sprinkled with a healthy dose of fun!

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My Therapeutic Approach

Develop building blocks
to master personalized
strategies that work for you.
long-term solutions
Meet with a trained psychologist
with knowledge and training on
research-driven strategies
evidence-based therapy
Learn how to respond to your
thoughts and emotions.
Make decisions that align
with your values.

Actionable and compassionate therapy designed specifically for Millennial and Gen Z perfectionists and high-achievers

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Whether you’re struggling with burnout, anxiety, or setting unreasonably high expectations for yourself, you deserve to find relief.

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Get support in a 1:1 setting with myself, as a licensed psychologist, or enroll in my signature self-paced perfectionism course.

1:1 Support


Partner with a licensed psychologist to see yourself with new eyes and turn your perfectionist tendencies into superpowers.



Heal at your own pace to decrease anxiety, create better boundaries, and improve your relationship with yourself and others.

Meet Dr. Sheena

Hey there, I’m Dr. Sheena

PsyD, LP


Licensed Psychologist for Millennial and Gen Z Perfectionists and High-Achievers

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Friends and family consider me down-to-earth, open-minded, and dedicated. I bring these qualities into the work we do together to create an authentic therapeutic relationship and help you find laughter even in hard times.


I understand how challenging and daunting it can be to ask for help — especially when you’re so used to holding yourself to a high standard.


I provide a safe and non-judgmental environment so we can get to the root cause and cut through the old programming that’s holding you back.

Pssst…Let Me Tell You a Secret

Learning how to manage your perfectionism and high-achiever tendencies doesn’t mean you have to compromise your success

Perfectionism can be a good quality. You just need to learn how to use it in alignment with your values.

Meet Dr. Sheena

Want to know if you’re a perfectionist?

Take the free quiz to gain clarity and learn how to live a more balanced life.

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